To Save Energy

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Exceed the requirements of environment.

Examine and lessen our impact.

Tony Wilkes, Centre Manager successfully launched the Ropewalk Goes Green Initiative, which involved setting up a Green Institute to increase stakeholder participation in all things green.

Toolbox talks are given monthly by Green Waste Champions, in 2016 there was no segregation of any waste being produced, by the end of 2017/18 100% of retailers now segregate all waste streams.

We introduced rewards and recognitions for our retailers for the best monthly segregation of waste and staff efforts are recognised through a loyalty green gift card.

Ropewalk now achieves 100% recycling, through complete segregation at source by utilising a full waste management station which is managed by the Centre staff and Green Waste Champions.

No compactors are in operation therefore no waste goes to landfill. All food is also recycled through a separation unit and is sold for energy. Ropewalk is the first Centre in the UK to remove waste compactors and to function solely using dynamic new green systems.

The Ropewalk Goes Green brand is supported by in house marketing campaigns, which can be seen though out the Centre back areas, as well as main Mall floor. The Centre also hosts green awareness days throughout the year.

Segregation bins have been provided on the malls, which include a new metal can crusher for unwanted drink cans which add an element of fun to recycling for our shoppers.

Finally, we have achieved a 66% reduction in waste management cost over the past twelve months.

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